Tiaho I Roto Marama I Roto

Tiaho I Roto Marama I Roto

The word te matikaotanga in te reo (Maori language) describes the state of a tree being in bud and ready to burst open, which also perfectly describes the artist’s fascination with the subject.

In a similar way to the bud, our mind holds the idea of the flower when viewing a bud. Moreover, it is about the essence, or the energy which drives that flower being held in that bud, ready to unfold into this world. The words ‘tiaho i roto, marama i roto’ (shine from within, radiate from inside) also appear in an opening prayer the artist learned from a local kuia, a wise woman.

It is this spiritual quality, the essence of life which permeates out of the bud, through the flower and into this mortal existence, giving this world the breath of life.

These are mixed media work featuring painted and screen printed high quality artist acrylic paint, some in combination with gold leaf. The hard board/pine boxes are also made locally in Coromandel Town. While these works are part of a series, each one is individually crafted with deliberate variations and different from all others.

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